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eShots - Get More Interested Job Seekers to Your Ad
By ApplyNow Network

What If You Could Pick and Choose a Flood of Candidates
to Fill Your Vacancy Almost Overnight?

You can by using our innovative recruitment tool called an "eShot". An eShot is a targeted email sent to skilled job seekers wanting to apply for vacancies like yours.

Steal Skilled Job Seekers From Our $5,000,000 Database

We spend thousands of dollars everyday recruiting to fill hundreds of positions for top companies like Flight Centre, Lifeline, and ANZ. An eShot lets you piggy-back our work and costs, giving you VIP access to job seekers.

Many large and small companies use eShots such as:

Get Candidates Filling Your Vacancies 

eShot sampleAn eShot goes to thousands of highly targeted relevant applicants, producing an average of 200 job seekers clicking through to your ad.

See a sample eShot to the right. Checkout the full version of the eShot here. That eShot received 1,620 opens and 606 interested job seekers to the job ad.

eShots mean details of your role are sent directly to a massive field of passive job seekers - who aren't necessarily checking job boards or newspapers for job ads at the moment - letting you access a larger field than your competitors.

Many eShot users will tell you: an eShot is the way to hire the right candidate.

The Cost of a Mis-Hire is 15 Times What You're Paying

You could be paying $1,000,000 for the wrong hire in a $66,667 salary position, according to a 2004 study by Bradford Smart, author of Topgrading. "The higher the base compensation," writes Smart, "the higher the cost of mis-hires."

Add up these numbers and you'll be horrified! The below is directly from the study of 52 cases where the average person was in the job for 1.6 years with a $102,692 base compensation:

Cost in hiring$31,643
Maintenance costs$67,653
Failures and missed business opportunities$1,232,092
Cost of disruption$242,356
Total cost per mis-hire$1,863,158
Contribution value$360,721
Average cost per mis-hire
$1,502,436 (1463% of compensation)

That's not all the costs! Your leaders become demoralized and you worry about what the person is going to stuff up next, robbing you of profits.

Would you rather pay $250 for an eShot to receive more applicants and increase your chances of finding the right person or risk up to $1,502,436 for a mis-hire?

Now that you've decided an eShot is the right choice for you...

Here's What To Do Next...

1) Login to your recruiter account.

2) Go to the rates page and select the "eShot" product.

3) Follow the step-by-step instructions to securely complete your order.

4) Contact one of our online recruitment marketing experts here and provide: 1) the page or job ad you want the eShot to send job seekers to, 2) a link to your company's logo, and 3) what you'd like the eShot to say about your vacancies (this is optional as our recruitment experts can write it for you based on the job ad being advertised).

5) One of our online recruitment marketing experts will reply to your email within 48 hours with a sample of the eShot. You then request changes to be made (if any are needed) and confirm everything is great before it is sent out.

6) Four days later you'll receive a detailed report of the eShot's performance like this one.

Within two days from now, you can be talking with your ideal candidate. So make sure you get an eShot by beginning at step one above.

All the best with your recruiting, Team